Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life Lately

A LOT of change has taken place for our family and my business in the past 2-3 weeks. 

We moved the entire bakery over to our Ephrata location and said goodbye to our little Brickerville store. Very bittersweet. It was a hard decision that I had been wrestling with for weeks. We put so much effort and love into our Brickerville location. But when I would lay my head on my pillow at night, and talk to God, I knew in my heart that He was closing a chapter--a chapter that I am finally at peace with ending now.

A big sign that I had indeed made the right decision for my family, was how happy my son Parker was about the downsize. 

"Mom, isn't dis great?! You're only gonna have ONE cuh-cake shop now, and you're gonna have so much more time ta see me and brudder! Isn't dat awesome?"

It warmed my heart. It was an answer to prayer that I had been seeking for quite some time. God is faithful.

I am getting much more needed time with my boys. And it is glorious.

In other news, Valentines Day will be right around the corner soon!

I've been busy with behind the scenes decorating and prep work for the holiday...all things that I love to do :-).

There's another side project I've got going on, but for now it's still a secret. It's going to be really fun, and I hope that you all enjoy it! I'll be sharing pretty soon.

How about you? What has life looked like for you lately? 


  1. Laura, I just want to say that you are my hero :)!!!!
    Too many women let their dreams and ambitions get in the way of their family!! But you inspire me with your choices, and the path you are on!
    I've have thought of you all at Scratch many times, especially with the 'new bakery location'! New things are always fun and exciting to mix up the regular routine :)!
    May God bless you and Jason as you strive to please Him in all that you do :)!
    Sarah #2

  2. Keep it up, sis. Your family is proud of you. We've seen you work your hardest at your dream and it is paying off. I share in my nephew's sentiment for you to be condensing your workload a bit. You deserve all the extra time you can squeeze out of those sweet little boys while they're so young and lovable. (I'm happy for slightly selfish reasons, too - I can see my little sis a bit more often.)

    Put some Scratch in yer hatch! lol


  3. I have yet to visit your shop but I have had some cupcakes of yours and I approve!!
    I'm still dreaming of opening my own shop someday but still waiting for Gods timing and open doors.